Supreme Women&Men Munich: a feedback our exhibitors and buyers

14 Aug 2015 Women&Men Share

Munich’s fair is steadily on the rise

A surprisingly large number of German buyers who traditionally did not list Munich on their trade show schedules came to Supreme Women&Men Munich after visiting the Düsseldorf edition of the event. While Düsseldorf is an essential fashion staple, Munich’s star in the transforming market is steadily on the rise.

“To us, Supreme Women&Men Munich always marks the conclusion of the order season. Before Munich, we travel to Paris and Milan; we gather order data and information in Düsseldorf, which we then use to finalize our range orders in Munich. We love the clear, open structure of Supreme – it allows us to discover highlights and new accents to underline our core ranges.”
Herwarth Hummel // Herwarths

“We were excited to see so many clients who did not formerly come to Munich find their way here after visiting Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. They were curious about this event and took the opportunity to finalize their orders here. Many new clients came from Italy – not only South Tyrol, but the whole country. Munich is an attractive order location, and many clients stay for a few extra days.”
Sylvia Schaus-Kaufmann // Lana d’Oro


“Supreme Women&Men Munich made a clear leap forward this season. We were so busy with meetings that we didn't have a chance to experience the rest of the event. We were just swamped, which was great!”
Lars Povelsen // Blu- Ei Fashion

Supreme Women&Men Munich is a great order show. Aline Schade and their team are doing a wonderful job.
The character of the event has evolved – clients now head directly for the booths and collections on their lists. We had great clients visit us, many from Austria and Switzerland.”

Mimi Paatzsch // The Agency Mimi Paatzsch