Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf- complete overview!

15 Jul 2014 Women&Men Share

Supreme HOMEBASE powered by Maserati: central meeting point and relaxation space for profashionals during the CPD days in Düsseldorf. // Fashion night: Supreme presents ACO SUMMERSESSIONS 2014 powered by Maserati

Following the smashing debut last summer, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf has firmly established Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati ‒ now in its second year ‒ as a central communication hub for profashionals. For four days, the forecourt of B1 will be transformed into an open tentscape where the whole fashion industry and the scene of the Kaiserswerther Strasse fashion district meet and relax. Admission to Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati is free. RELAX ‒ EAT ‒ DRINK ‒ MEET & WORK

Central networking power hub

The Supreme Group’s partner Maserati invites visitors to view the latest luxury car models and register for their exclusive shuttle service right there at Homebase. Visitors can also indulge themselves with a nail treatment by allessandro International and find out all about Germanwings flights to all the key fashion destinations in Europe. Admission to Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati is free for all profashionals. The tentscape is the perfect place to meet and relax during the busy order and fashion business day, both indoors & outdoors …

Supreme presents ACO SUMMERSESSIONS 2014 powered by Maserati

Both initiatives of The Supreme Group ‒ Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati and Supreme presents ACO SUMMERSESSIONS 2014 powered by Maserati ‒ are not only hotspots for the Düsseldorf fashion scene but also key events during the order days.

Our partners
Speed and sleekness

Our automotive sponsor Maserati presents his brand at the Homebase Maserati Lounge as well as a luxury car on the forecourt. The exclusive Maserati shuttle service delivers the unique Maserati driving experience in various Maserati models, shuttling profashionals to and from the key Düsseldorf fashion hotspots ­‒ in style, with speed, and always safely.

New partners: alessandro International & Germanwings

Not one, but two new Homebase partners support The Supreme Group’s concept of an interactive, open meeting point for profashionals.

Düsseldorf-based alessandro International presents the latest trends in nail design at the 9th edition of Supreme Women&Men. The hand, nail, and feet beauty experts of alessandro offer visitors in the lobby moments of supreme wellness. Nail treatments allow fashion fans to test the hottest nail styling trends that hit the market right along with the latest fashion trends.

Also on board at Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati is the airline Germanwings. Visitors can learn all about the new fashion destination network at the Germanwings Lounge. The new and extended flight route network includes all major cities in Europe and offers more and more frequent flights, bringing the fashion industry even closer together.