Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf: a feedback our exhibitors and buyers

31 Jul 2015 Women&Men Share

Düsseldorf- absolutely essential.

Our exhibitors and buyers put it more succinctly than we ever could:

“Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is very well presented and we thought it extremely inspiring. We had many interesting discussions and discovered numerous new labels. The men’s and boys’ outerwear collections offered an especially rich yield for our shops.
And the evening at the Supreme Family&Friends Barbecue was just beautiful, a great manifestation of the Supreme Women&Men spirit.”

Simone Pollmann-Schweckhorst // MicMac Moden Zweibrücken & Warstein

“The venue – B1 – is just great. Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is very well organized. Our buyers always come directly to us and are looking for new styles. They especially liked our new Gräfin v. Lehndorff belts as well as our new shirt and blouse label Emanuele Maffeis. All in all, we are very satisfied – we fixed very good appointments and will be closing our orders at Supreme Women&Men Munich.”
Martin Schick // Kassuba Vertriebsgesellschaft MbH

“Our international clients are specifically looking for us at Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. The venue is well-known, and we use the event as a showroom for our collections. Our clients here are mainly international, with fewer from Germany. Düsseldorf is becoming increasingly important for our international clients. They all come to Düsseldorf – from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, some from Japan, South Africa, Australia, Lebanon, Belgium and Canada.”
Karl Stöhr // Torras │ TRS Develur S.L. (exhibitor)

“We really like the later opening hours starting at 10 am and running until the early evening.  This gives our clients more time to write orders. We had very high-quality return clients visit us and write very good orders. As quantity goes, we had fewer first-time contacts. The location and this venue are very well established.”
Bülent Öcal // Larens Zurich (exhibitor)

“The key fact is that Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is a real asset. It has a great look and feel, very neat and clean, with a level of service you wouldn't find anywhere else. I love the clear-cut concept.
I love it that it opens until 7 pm. And of course the shuttle with the world's best cars (Maserati): what a wonderful way to move quickly back and forth between the order show and the showroom.”

Gabriele Häfner // Gabriele Häfner – Exclusive Women’s Fashion, Dresden (buyer)

Both the quantity and quality of visitors were very good for us, especially on Sunday and Monday. Client morale was very positive, even better than at the winter edition of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. I believe that the three B1 levels of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf are well established in people’s minds.  I was able to wrote good orders for my label and generate some new clients.”
Julia Neumann // Chaingang (exhibitor) 

“We are absolute supporters of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf, having cooperated with them for four years now. When we started, we had just 60 square meters. This season, we are renting a total of 250 sqm on two levels – and will increase that in the next season. We operate very globally and use Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf as our location in Northern Europe. Our clients expect no less of us. Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf was a success for us. We wrote about 10 orders every day. Before the event, we invited many new leads and clients to visit us at Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. We always use the previous season to raise awareness, and experience shows us that our brands and the order show itself are well received."
Bruno Zeppa // Strategia & Impresa

“Absolutely essential!”
Klaus Beermann // United Fashion

“While Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is a very large event, the atmosphere and the team are very personal, almost like family. Thanks to the intelligent floor layout, all three levels are well-frequented. With Bazaar, I actually got in contact with new clients, especially in the sophisticated fashion segment, whom I will visit right after the order show.”
Jana Philomena Meister // Bazaar

“Due to the current crisis in Russia, we are very happy to be at Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. The order show went just as planned for us. All our clients came to see us.”
Olga Volkova // Avant Fashion
, Russian agency (exhibitor)