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22 Jan 2020 Women&Men Share

Dusseldorf: Fridays for … FASHION

FRIDAYS FOR ... FASHION FIRST – Early order season kickoff on Friday. Internationalization trend continues. Strong commitment to fashion hotspot Düsseldorf.

On Friday, January 24th 2020, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf kicks off the latest order season for the entire fashion industry. Key international labels as well as selected accessories and footwear brands will present over 500 men’s and womenswear collections on three fully booked floors at B1, Benningsen Platz 1 in Düsseldorf.

The number of international participants – both on the exhibitor and the buyer/retailers' side – continues to grow strongly, a result of investments in the location, event promotion, and initiatives by Fashion Net Düsseldorf. Once again, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf promises to confirm its status as definitive order platform for the premium and luxury fashion segments as well as progressive design labels. The event remains a strong and trailblazing partner for the fashion hotspot Düsseldorf. “The increasingly demanding business environment in the fashion industry requires everyone in Düsseldorf to increase their initiative and future-oriented commitment accordingly. As The Supreme Group, we are excited to spearhead this movement. With our commitment to “Fashion First” we are making the requirements and success of all involved our top priority,” says Aline Müller-Schade of The Supreme Group’s executive board.

“FRIDAYS FOR …” – early start proves successful Following the great success of the early kickoff start in the summer of 2019 when Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf opened a day earlier than previous seasons, The Supreme Group have decided to adhere to the Friday-through-Monday event schedule. “The week before the trade show starts is a very busy time for the fashion quarter around Kaiserswerther Strasse. Starting the event on Friday to accommodate visitors' schedules and interests was a joint decision with our exhibitors – and the right one, as it turns out. Starting early and going strong all the way gets you to the finish line first," says Mirjam Dietz, Business Development & Communications, Supreme Women&Men.

NEWCOMERS & FIRST-TIMERS – loyal and new exhibitors and an increasingly international profile Among the long-standing Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf exhibitors, many of which have been with the event from Day One, are numerous renowned labels, including: WOMSH (Italy), LARENS ZURICH (Switzerland), DANIEL & BOB (Italy), SARA ROKA (Italy), HER SHIRT (Italy), BOTTEGA MARTINESE (Italy), FRONT STREET 8 (Germany), GWHITE (Italy), LA CAMICIA (Italy), SCHYIA (Germany), COSTER COPENHAGEN (Denmark), KENNEL & SCHMENGER (Germany), ZANETTI 1965 (Italy), HENRY CHRIST (Germany), HERRLICHER (Germany), and FUNK since 1776 (Germany).

An order platform dedicated to both established and progressive brand, Supreme Women&Men also welcomes a number of first-timers, including: MOON BOOT (Germany), NIGEL PRESTON (UK), MAJORITÉ OPPRIMÉE (Austria), LEO & UGO (France), BOSCANA (Germany), RICHARD GRAND (France), LEMON JELLY (Portugal), HOX (Italy). “The loyalty our exhibitors are showing is proof that Düsseldorf of the continuing importance, both of Düsseldorf as fashion hotspot and of our event, which can give aspiring labels a significant boost. Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is where experienced, established brands meet the latest new developments from around the world. This mix is a catalyst for the entire industry," says Aline Müller-Schade.

POLE POSITION – trailblazing commitment to the top fashion hotspot Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf not only comes first on the fashion calendar but also as one of Europe’s key fashion spots. The city features a wealth of showrooms and order platforms and is home to numerous fashion agencies, manufacturers and designers. Supreme Women&Men’s venue B1 is located in the heart of Düsseldorf’s fashion district. The event reports continuous growth both in exhibitors and visitors as well as an increasingly international profile with retailers from neighboring European markets, Russia, Canada, and the Middle East. “The increase in international visitor and exhibitor numbers plays an important part in strengthening Düsseldorf's status as top fashion locale,” says Aline Müller-Schade. “As event organizers, we invest not only in our venue and the success of our business at B1. Our budget and initiative also supports Düsseldorf as a fashion hotspot – from our visitor marketing and our Supreme Homebase on the B1 forecourt, which is open to the public, to our support for Fashion Net Düsseldorf and their activities as well as our cooperation with the NRW.International foreign trade portal.” And she adds: “Düsseldorf needs a strong commitment – and investments – from all of us.

" SUPREME WOMEN&MEN SCHEDULE – opening hours, Fashion Net party and match-making event January 24th through 26th 2020, 9 am through 6 pm 
January 27th 2020, 9 am through 5 pm Supreme Women&Men,
January 24th through 27th 2020 at B1, Bennigsen Platz 1, Kaiserwertherstrasse/ Karl-Arnold-Platz 
January 26th 2020 In partnership with Fashion Net Düsseldorf, The Supreme Group will be hosting the traditional Fashion Net Party for exhibitors and buyers on January 26th 2020 at the Düsseldorf Flower Market. 
January 27th 2020, 2 pm As part of the Enterprise Europe Network initiative, NRW.International will be receiving an international fashion industry delegation. On January 27th 2020, Supreme Women&Men will be welcoming this delegation to a match-making event that will bring together designers and agencies/buyers. The event will be hosted at the Supreme Homebase on the B1 forecourt.