#Supreme Kids - Post press release

17 Aug 2020 Press releases Share


"We're just happy to be back." This could be the motto for this year's Supreme Kids mid-August. Without a doubt, Supreme Kids has proven to be the leading trade fair for children's fashion. Despite the hygiene and distance rules that now apply, the response from visitors and exhibitors alike was very positive and everyone showed great understanding for the existing measures. Supreme Kids sums up a successful ordering weekend for the children's fashion industry with fantastic summer weather and with visitors in a good mood and eager to order.

"The fact that so many European and important trade fairs could not take place motivated us all the more to create a unique ordering experience for everyone involved," says Aline Müller-Schade, Managing Director of The Supreme Group.

In addition to many renowned labels, Supreme Kids was also able to welcome a number of newcomers, thus positioning Supreme Kids as a particularly good and above all interesting location for retailers. This also means that Supreme Kids offers an important platform for professional exchange between exhibitors and retailers and with other partners in the children's fashion industry.

"I've noticed that things are going a bit more leisurely. This time in which we find ourselves has also slowed us down as a fashion family. We have been very lucky with our exhibitors, who are very positive, very motivated, calm and social. We, as organizers, are completely satisfied that we were able to host the Supreme Kids and that the fashion family has accepted it so well," summed up Aline Müller-Schade, Managing Director of The Supreme Group.


"We are super happy that this platform has been made available to us at all. The fact that despite the high requirements, all those involved have shown so much courage and commitment to let the Supreme Kids take place is wonderful. Personally, I am also reassured that so many safety measures have been taken, such as the disinfectant dispensers and the wide corridors. As a result, I have not observed any distance problems either. In addition, we have a great place and were able to work well and kept all the prescribed safety measures such as distance well. We are really completely satisfied with the organization.” (Cathrin Robertson, Sales Director Central Europe, Levi’s, Netherlands)

"This is our first time at Supreme Kids and we are really positively surprised. We have a really nice place and also the furniture is really good. For us it is very important to present ourselves to the German market with our more casual and risky brand at such a big trade fair like Supreme Kids. We would be very happy if we could be present again at the upcoming Supreme Kids fairs.“ (Maureen Vande Walle, BELLEROSE, Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium)

"For us, it was very important that the Supreme Kids take place, to make a kind of a statement. We noticed that many customers from medium-sized and small cities ordered a lot and well. The general tenor was that the online stores are very difficult. The customers have to touch the goods and that's why this physical presence is just so important.“ (Michael Stadtmüller, STADTMÜLLER HANDELSVETRETUNG CDH, Aschaffenburg, Germany)

"Even though we noticed that there was generally less traffic of visitors, we simply had the advantage of the space. We were able to register many new customers and are therefore  super satisfied with the result. Despite the whole current situation, we are just happy that the Supreme Kids took place and it is simply super organized by Mrs. Mutschler.” (Edwin Scholten, Export Manager, VAN GENNIP TEXTILES, DG Weert, Netherlands)

"I am really very pleased. Especially the Friday was very good for us. Many old customers came and ordered from us. This time is also a chance for all of us, because the customers are also reorienting themselves. We have noticed that the customers are in a very good mood and are happy to be here again. During this time we have to look ahead and that is why Supreme Kids is very important for us. We are super happy that The Supreme Group has made it possible to hold this trade fair. This show must continue, that's the most important thing for us." (Peter Hölscher, KIS ME, Rheinbach, Germany)