Retailers praise diverse collection portfolio/ Buyers very interested in viewing collections at Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf

26 Jul 2016 Women&Men Share

23.07. - 26.07.2016

Independent retailers strengthen their focus on fashion. From July 23rd through 26th, the 13th edition of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf presented a diverse portfolio of collections that was praised by retailers for exactly meeting their demands. The keyword of the season is “niche”.

More than 480 collections were on display on three floors of B1, the event venue on B1, Bennigsen Platz 1, right around the corner from the Kaiserswertherstrasse, where main showrooms are based. 

Visitor volumes were strong from the first day, with Sunday showing the strongest frequency. Once again, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf succeeded in attracting an international clientele as well.

Iris Mauersberger, Agentur Mauersberger:
“We had great customers at our booth, many of them from abroad, which really surprised us. There were buyers from Finland, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and even China! Düsseldorf is becoming increasingly international.”

It was a continual coming and going, and the organizers recorded an increase in repeat entries. This reflects the high focus with which boutique retailers viewed the collections in Düsseldorf – in addition to their fixed order dates. Buyers viewed collections, deliberated during their stay in Düsseldorf, and then returned to place their orders. 

Alexa Schenk, owner of Albert Holthaus GmbH & Co KG, based in Osnabrück: 
“In these times, the entire industry needs to rethink their approaches and think differently. Most importantly, we need to join forces – both retailers and manufacturers. We looked for new collections in the showrooms and here at Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf – and we found them. Also, we sign orders for collections we discovered in Berlin. We continually keep updating our positioning.”

Mila Musil, owner of LOOK Concept Store, based in Cologne:
"To me, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf is like a treasure trove. I arrived early in the morning without any definitive order plans and have just signed my third fashion and jewelry orders, respectively. The diverse and multifaceted portfolio is just so inspiring!”

Many buyers used the opportunity to view the collections in Düsseldorf and arrange an order appointment at Supreme Women&Men Munich two weeks later (August 6th through 9th). The strong last-minute demand for exhibition space in Munich is proof of this development.

The networking event Flower Market, organized by Fashion Net with support from The Supreme Group and others was once again a great success with Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf exhibitors and Düsseldorf’s fashion players. Sunday night’s “place to be” for the fashion world.

During the day, the Supreme Homebase powered by Maserati proved the "place to be” and central meeting point for the fashion world. The communication platform in the heart of the showroom district around Kaiserswertherstrasse is growing in popularity.

Aline Schade, Managing Director, The Supreme Group:
“This latest edition of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf has yielded very positive results. We won't be closing our doors until the end of today to allow our exhibitors to meet with returning customers on this Tuesday. Visitor frequency at all the booths was very good from day one, with a peak on Sunday. But at the end of the day, it isn't about frequency but about offering the many buyers and specialized retailers who come to Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf the new and unique collections they are looking for. Our core audience are independent retailers who want – and need – to really turn things around. In our segment there are an increasing number of retailers who are open to new ideas and concepts.”

Supreme Women&Men Munich on August 6th through 9th 2016 will mark the end of the order season.