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18 Feb 2020 Women&Men Share

* Munich and Supreme Women&Men increasingly significant as “final authority” of the order season * Organizers, exhibitors and visitors report highly productive fashion finals despite global and local challenges such as Corona virus and Storm Sabine * Quality and sustainability standard “Made in Europe” success factor in view of globalization trend


Proving its status as a platform that's both firmly established and forward-thinking, Supreme Women&Men Munich opens new perspectives as it looks back on the latest edition:

“In stormy weather, a view from the top shows the silver lining."

“Munich as the closing event of the order season is the 'last authority' in the order business,” says The Supreme Group executive Aline Müller-Schade. “We presented more collections than ever on our fully-booked exhibition floors. Many of our participating manufacturers and agencies reported a noticeable increase in demand during the run-up to the event. Their appointment books for Munich were filled very early and this dynamic continued throughout the order show.”

“Despite global problems like the Corona virus and adverse weather brought by Storm Ciara, the order days in the ‘Munich Supreme Court’ were highly productive. The quality standard ‘Made in Europe’ proved a competitive advantage in the era of globalization. Our exhibitors demonstrated that you can weather all storms with customer focus, a sustainable perspective and future-oriented action. This is the approach that we, The Supreme Group, have been following successfully for the past twelve years.” 


Supreme Women&Men Munich reports a successful order season finale for the fashion industry.  “The Supreme Court”, in session from Saturday, February 8th through Tuesday, February 11th 2020, men and womenswear labels as well as selected accessories and shoe brands presented over 800 top collections on two fully booked levels of the popular venue MTC World of Fashion in Munich.

Following Berlin and Düsseldorf in Germany’s fashion event calendar, Munich asserts is position as "final authority" for the market as numerous buyers representing retailers in the German-speaking countries and neighboring regions took this opportunity to finalize their season on four action-packed days, despite the adverse weather.

A 90-percent return quote and strong influx of new exhibitors confirmed Supreme Women&Men’s position and strategy as key order platform for the premium to luxury segment and progressive new design labels. With consistently outstanding service quality, flexibility, and an attractive and adaptable venue, the event proves itself as trusted partner for exhibitors and buyers alike.

The collections presented at this latest edition reflected the continued awareness for sustainability in the industry. The strong focus on high-quality materials and manufacturing – par for the course for most labels in the premium and luxury segments – is a key success factor, even and particularly in view of the challenges of globalization. “Made in Europe” is the magic formula.

“Premium manufacturing in Europe, inventory management with foresight and a close eye on changing market and consumer needs: these are the key strategic elements that make fashion industry players more independent from volatile international logistics chains," says Aline Müller-Schade.

SUPREME WOMEN&MEN MUNICH – WHAT THE EXHIBITORS SAID about sustainability, quality and the competitive edge of “Made in Europe” in an era of globalization.

“This is our first time at Supreme Women&Men Munich and we deem it a success. There is a definite demand for high quality, though we believe that retailers and buyers today should show more interest in where the actual manufacturing facilities are located. We have been producing exclusively in Italy for 39 years. The advantages are clear – besides the high quality, we can guarantee all delivery dates and offer continuity, security and reliability. If you care for all these aspects of sustainability, you should ask where the collections are made.” (Sabine Lohél, SEM PER LEI., Düsseldorf, Germany)


“To us, sustainability is nothing new. We produce all our items in our own manufacturing facility with 12 employees. Our products are handmade on traditional looms; we use natural, organic materials; we recycle or upcycle used materials, e.g. old yarn garments. It’s the way we've always done it. Plus, our way of manufacturing makes us highly flexible so that we can offer customized items.  That’s part of our unique character.” (Heidi Martucci, MARTUCCI, Rome, Italy)

“MINX is labeled ‘Made in Italy’. We have a strong sustainability focus. Our products are manufactured in Europe, mostly in Italy and also in Eastern Europe. Our customers value the high quality and uniqueness we offer. When we cannot get the superior quality we need in Europe, we also source fabrics in Japan, e.g. finest nylon.“ (Alexander Heyduck, MINX, Volkach, Germany)

“Sustainability is nothing new. Everyone has to define for themselves what it means. You need to have foresight in order to prevail and face the challenges of globalization like the Corona virus in China. Our shirts are manufactured in Italy from Egyptian cotton, our SERAPHIN leather goods for men, in Paris from leather sourced in the U.S. and Canada. The cashmere for our brand AIDA comes from Mongolia and China. We buy many materials in large quantities in order to remain independent of supply shortages.” (Martin Schick, KASSUBA, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany) 

“Our raw materials are sourced in Mongolia, our products are made in China. However, we are a small company, I am the heart of the brand and our product. This allows us to respond more quickly to crises like the corona virus. Unlike large corporations, we are flexible and can switch to a plan B, which could mean having a video conference instead of a meeting or moving the production to Turkey.” (Dagmar Baltes, ROSA&ME, Düsseldorf, Germany)

“We have lived sustainability for over 25 years. Our products have always been made in Italy, never Asia, and without chemical colorings.” (Sylvia Schaus-Kaufmann, LANA D’ORO, Kitzbühel, Austria)

 “Our belts ‘Made in Germany’ are manufactured exclusively in the Swabian Mountains from tannin-free deerskin, fresh from the meadow in Reutlingen.” (Peter Tessner, TESSNER, co-exhibitor at LANA D’DORO, Lage-Kachtenhausen, Germany)

“Sustainability has always been our strategy. We have always manufactured our products in Northern Italy. To me, that’s first and foremost a matter of ethics. Plus, it makes the logistics easier and more reliable.” (Bülent Öcal, LARENS, Zurich, Switzerland)



July 24th through 27th 2020 – DUS

10 years of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf

The next edition of Supreme Women&Men is scheduled for

Friday, July 24th through Monday, July 27th 2020

at B1, Bennigsen Platz 1, Kaiserswertherstraße/

Karl-Arnold-Platz in Düsseldorf.


August 8th through 11th 2020 – MUC

12 years of Supreme Women&Men in Munich

The next edition of Supreme Women&Men is scheduled for

Saturday, February 8th through Tuesday, February 11th 2020

At MTC World of Fashion, House 1, Ingolstädter Strasse 45/Taunusstrasse 45, 80807 Munich, Germany.