#Re-View Supreme Women & Men Düsseldorf

12 Feb 2020 Women&Men Share

Proving its status as a platform that's both firmly established and forward-thinking, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf opens new perspectives as it looks back on the latest edition, launching the future from the top.

“We’re in the premium – the 'supreme', as it were – segment of a highly competitive market and the air is thin at the top. However, there is always room above if you take advantage of the wider perspectives to develop and execute new visions,” says Aline Müller-Schade, member of The Supreme Group executive team.

This season, we honored the growing demand for sustainability with our bow to the Fridays for Future movement while giving the needs and requirements of our exhibitors, visitors and partners top priority – ‘fashion first'. As a future-oriented, groundbreaking business, we want to remain a decisive partner for the fashion hotspot Düsseldorf. We value the benefits of this location, its strong attraction, strong networks with short routes, and the highly diverse portfolio here. Our privileged position and the feedback of our local and international exhibitors and visitors also provide us with a broader perspective on the challenges the city needs to meet if it wants to remain a premium place of business for the industry.”

“For one, there is a definite need for more consistent and focused nation-wide and international communication prior to events as well as within the city during the order days,” Mrs. Müller-Schade continues. “We are happy to take the lead but need all stakeholders to pitch to ensure that new exhibitors and visitors are aware of Düsseldorf as a key fashion spot and that the city is accessible and easy to navigate for everyone. ‘Fashion first’ needs to be on everyone’s agenda! We need investments and ideas to tackle the challenges the city is currently facing."


With this edition’s motto, “Fridays for … Fashion First”, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf proved to be on the cutting edge of current developments. Order season kicks off successfully. Fridays as the first order day confirmed. Internationalization trend continues. Exhibitors satisfied with results. Labels present sustainable innovations. Awareness key trend for collections and buyers.

Kicking off the order season with a bang, the latest edition of Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf presented over 500 collections by international men’s and women’s wear labels as well as selected accessories and footwear brands on three fully-booked floors at B1 on Bennigsen Platz 1. From Friday, January 24th through Monday, January 27th, fashion ruled supreme and honored current global developments with this season’s slogan, “Fridays for… Fashion First”.

Introduced in summer 2019, the new schedule starting on Friday once again proved advantageous as visitor number and order volumes significantly exceeded the results of the (now abolished) Tuesdays in preceding years.

In addition to a large number or returning exhibitors, the established, yet progressive order platform once again drew many first-time participants representing renowned premium and luxury brands as well as cutting-edge design labels and industry highlights, including #MANUFAKTURBOSCANA with their collection #GITTABANKO.

The increased volume of international exhibitors as well as The Supreme Group’s investment in the venue, promotional activities, and joint initiatives with Fashion.Net Düsseldorf and the state's foreign trade portal NRW.International succeeded in drawing a significantly larger number of international buyers and retailers, e.g. from the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, and Germany’s neighboring countries.

The collections on display reflected the continued trend towards sustainability in the industry. Proof in point was the shirt line presented by MANUFAKTUR B.M.-COMPANY, whose brand DNA has been sustainable for three decades. The need for sustainability also drove true innovations including the vegan sneakers WOMSH by STUDIO VENTRITE #madewithrespect from apple peels and PET bottles.

Awareness was a key concept, not just of the collections, but also for buyers. Retailers acted with prudence, compared more, and built their ranges very carefully. This, too, suggests new perspectives for the future.



“The infrastructure in Düsseldorf is perfect. Buyers and retailers appreciate this. We’ve received very positive feedback from our customers. They’ve become more discerning in their choices but that does not affect our turnover. Buyers are careful to select highlights, emphasizing quality and stye."

(Bülent Öcal, LARENS, Zurich)


“This is our second time at Supreme in Düsseldorf. The event is well attended. Our Gitta Banko collection presentation was a complete success.”

(Solveig Olek, MANUFAKTUR BOSCANA, Leipzig)


“We are long-standing Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf exhibitors. It’s great to be so close to the showrooms and hotels, and the quality of exhibitors and visitors here is outstanding.”

(Robert Sakic, STUDIO VENTRITE, Munich)


“We are long-time CPD exhibitors; this is our third Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf. We always generate new business here and will definitely be back. This is where we connect with the international markets. We’ve had buyers from the U.S. and Eastern Europe place orders."

(Alberto Azzolini, MORETTI MODA, Rimini)


“We have represented numerous brands here in the past. Supreme with its venue in the fashion district and its great portfolio is the perfect event for us. I have noticed that many of the new buyers do not know Düsseldorf and the full scope of fashion offerings around CPD. There is a definite lack of communication in that area."

(Urs Göppert, AGENTUR GÖPPERT, Sindelfingen / HOX, Cittadella)



The next edition of Supreme Women&Men is scheduled for Friday, July 24th through Monday, July 27th 2020 Bennigsen Platz 1, Kaiserswertherstraße/ Karl-Arnold-Platz in Düsseldorf.