New: Supreme Seminars at Supreme Women&Men Munich

05 Aug 2015 Women&Men Share

The Supreme Group by presents a new workshop series

The workshop series “Supreme Seminars” is a new format presented by in the context of Supreme Women&Men Munich on August 10th, 2015.

The fashion retail market is changing fast and fundamentally. Visitors of the order platform are invited to two inspiring and thought-provoking keynote lectures that may well offer impulses for action.

A third lecture focuses on the globalization of organizations. Manufacturers, designers, and agencies looking for new international distribution channels are welcome to join us.


Monday, August 10th, 3 pm
Manuel Rivera, Different Fashion, talks with Mirjam Dietz, Business Development & Communcations, The Supreme Group

If you don’t keep up you’ll be left behind
A call for radical change – developments that move retailers

Monday, August 10th, 4 pm
Jaime Vidal de Martinez, CPO modotex GmbH and Ralf Pöhler, CEO modotex GmbH

What strategies can help me turn overstock into money?
How to generate maximum profit from your old collection; how to use new distribution channels like online retailing; how to exploit the full potential of your floor space.

Jaime Vidal de Martinez, CPO of modotex GmbH presents new strategies to make the most of your merchandise as the season draws to a close.

Monday, August 10th, 5 pm
Nicolas Kröger, Head of eCommerce & IT, modotext GmbH and Ralf Pöhler, CEO of modotex GmbH

The distribution revolution:  sell your stock globally at minimal expense
Audience discussion on online retailing: Where do you sell your merchandise? Where do you get your translations? Where do you produce your images?

Followed by a presentation of best practices:

How to sell your articles in 20 online shops worldwide with only 1.5 minutes processing time per shop.

All lectures will be held in German at:

MTC world of fashion, House 1
2. floor – restaurant/lounge area