#Get ready for a Supreme summer! We’re announcing the new order schedule

07 May 2020 Women&Men Share

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In these uncertain times, it’s time to spread a little certainty. As partners of the fashion industry and retail business, we keep our ears open for the needs of our sectors.
Countless video conferences and phone calls made us feel the connection and empathy out there.
We felt the pulse of the retail industry via Survey Monkey and based our deci-sions in no small part on these insights.

Aline Müller-Schade, Managing Director, The Supreme Group:
“My team and I are in touch with all the main bases in order to ensure a solid, reliable foundation for our next steps. The bases I am talking about are our exhibitors, agencies, retailers, and showroom operators at our locations.”

Aline’s statement hits the mark – strong connections and a spirit of collabora-tion have never been more fundamental.

We hold long-term leases for both our venues, in Düsseldorf as well as Munich, and have never defined our trade shows as large-scale events. We have therefore finalized the schedule for our upcoming events – in line with the of-ficial requirements, which we will, naturally, respect and adhere to. Our sched-ule was created in coordination with our exhibitors and under consideration of the needs of retailers.

A clear majority of retailers voted for a postponement of at least four weeks for all events.


The Supreme Group order platform schedule for summer 2020:

Supreme Kids
Friday, August 14th through Sunday, August 16th, 2020

Supreme Body&Beach
Saturday, August 22nd through Monday, August 24th, 2020

Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf
Friday, August 28th through Monday, August 31st, 2020

Supreme Women&Men Munich
Saturday, September 12th through Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

These events will certainly feel different than usual. There will be specific hy-giene requirements, on which will communicate to exhibitors and visitors. We will also provide support with the organization and implementation of all nec-essary measures.

Aline Müller-Schade adds: “The upcoming season presents a major challenge for all of us. We will make the best of this situation and do everything to help create a comfortable atmosphere and a fascinating order platform. Once again, we have received registrations from many new and interesting labels.”