• 19 Nov 2013 Women&Men

    The heartbeat of fashion

    A spectacular start for the homebase powered by supreme in cooperation with ACO Modeagentur.

  • 19 Nov 2013 Women&Men

    Supreme teams up with title sponsor MASERATI

    Gentlemen and -women, start your engines! homebase powered by supreme is getting faster, bigger, more exclusive, and better than ever, moving to B1...

  • 29 Oct 2013 Kids

    Mini is bigger

    Little rascals and sweet flower girls, future athletes and roughhousing tomboys, rug rats and explorers – “Kids” in Munich joins many trends in one...

  • 13 Aug 2013 Women&Men

    Discover the new season!

    Take one dash of nonchalance, a twist of finesse, and add the latest trends for the 2014 summer season. Toss it all together in a very special order...

  • 16 Jul 2013 Body&Beach

    Total seduction

    Dim the lights and hit the music – it’s seduction time in the world of fashion! From femme fatale power to natural allure: lascivious lace, soft...

  • 11 Jul 2013 Women&Men

    Take a walk on the bright side

    Get ready for a supreme experience! Experience a firework of fashion and luxury – featuring top-notch labels, cool styles, sleek elegance,...

  • 29 Mar 2013 Women&Men

    From Munich with COOL LOVE

    Hot collections for the cold season. The order platform MunichFashion.WoMeN is a journey through the international high-fashion universe. A feast for...