Top business platform for the fashion industry

Since its foundation in 2007 the order platform of the GmbH in Düsseldorf and Munich has catapulted to become the most successful and popular in all of Germany. The locations of Düsseldorf and Munich complement each other perfectly by providing an extraordinary, service-oriented atmosphere in which to do business.  

The activities of the company are combined and marketed under the umbrella brand The Supreme Group. “Supreme” stands for high value, leadership and strength – company values that characterise the events.

All of the events of The Supreme Group have a uniform stand system, flooded with light, which can be put together individually like a modular system for all needs and collection sizes. The pleasant atmosphere places the collections in the foreground and makes it easier for buyers to view them. 

With 9 order plattforms annually, the company has positioned itself as the largest fashion plattform organiser in Europe; from the high-quality, progressive womenswear and menswear as the main event in this segment to the most important order events in Germany in the area of body and beach wear as well as kids’ fashion.

Top locations in Germany: Düsseldorf and Munich

The top locations – the B1 in Düsseldorf, at the heart of the fashion district and the MTC world of fashion, House 1, in Munich – are run by the GmbH and are more than mere event venues.

Both locations are also offered for temporary lease for event organizers or service providers who require a temporary exhibition, conference or event location. Furthermore, the location B1 in Düsseldorf is available as temporary space for showrooms of fashion brands and agents.



The management, Hartmut Schade and Corina Klippel, as well as Aline Müller-Schade, who is renowned as an expert in the sector, form a strong team for driving forward the order platform and developing visions.

The Supreme Group Team

Aline Schade

Aline Müller-Schade

Aline Müller-Schade, co-founder & executive director of the, is the driving force behind The Supreme Group’s activities. Her infallible instinct and intuition shape the company and its trade shows. She and her team draw their inspiration from new collections. Her sure sense of fashion and trends allows her to select what’s relevant. In all this, she has an excellent eye for the essential.

Mirjam Dietz

Mirjam Dietz

Mirjam Dietz, Business Development & Communications, works closely with Aline Müller-Schade, bringing in years of experience in the national and international fashion and trade show industries. Her career includes positions in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Moscow or London. She transforms Aline Müller-Schade’s creative concepts into viable projects and communicates the company’s DNA on the national and international markets. Her special strength is her connections and network, which she leverages for Aline Müller-Schade and the company.

Hartmut Schade

Hartmut Schade

Managing partner of the GmbH. The ex-football international from the former GDR has since retired from his sporting career and is now the “team captain” of the Munich company. The former Dynamo player from Dresden “coaches” The Supreme Group team, now hunts for new trade fair formats instead of goal chances, and maintains contacts with partners and sponsors. 

Corina Klippel

Corina Klippel

Managing partner of the GmbH. She has played a considerable role in the success of the company. Her work paves the way for annual operations. Numbers, accounting and controlling are all safely in her hands. As a managing partner she runs the company behind the scenes. Her experience as an event manager is as valuable as her qualification as a marketing specialist.